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Cocoville is in the business of manufacturing chocolates. 

Our primary focus is to locally manufacture premium chocolates and

its by-products. The core competencies on which our company

endorses are taste, quality and uniqueness of our chocolates.


A UAE homegrown brand, Cocoville has made its main objective to ensure that it caters to all market segments present today in the UAE marketplace. As a local brand, Cocoville tends to have a better

understanding of local tastes and benefits from stronger community ties and cultural identities, resulting in an additional 

competitive edge.


Since Cocoville produces perishable products, we adopt rigorous quality control measures at every level. Starting from the selection of the raw materials to the cocoa processing and chocolate

manufacturing, Cocoville ensures that no deviations are made in the process and all parameters are stringently met. The directive for high 

quality extends to the packing and dispatching of the product where everything is carefully considered, from the wrapper quality to the final packaging and sealing.

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